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The Story of an orphaned boy who becomes radicalized after a military strike kills his family. He is indoctrinated into an Ancient religion, joins a band of rebel insurgents and carries out a terrorist attack killing 5 million people!

That boys name is Luke Skywalker.

Everything you believe is based on a Certain point of View.

Those men and woman that serve in the Galactic Empire have done some terrible things, but in the name of Order, Safety and Control. Without them, the galaxy would fall to Chaos, millions would suffer. Without the Empire, shipments of food would be highjacked by rebels and never make it to the colonies that urgently requested it. Without the Empire, every trade ship in the hyperspace lanes would be at risk of attack from Pirates. Men, Women and Children depend on the safety provided by the Galactic Empire.

This peace of mind comes at a cost. Order must be maintained if it is to be functional. What good does a person do strapping on a Uniform and saying "I'll protect you", if they are unwilling to take the steps necessary to protect those citizens?


The game I am looking to run is a DarkSide game of StarWars. I'm not looking to play a 'lets kill puppies' game. I'm looking to run a game that explores the other side of the Coin. The Stormtrooper captain responsible for maintaining order on a corrupt planet. The Tie Fighter pilot gifted enough to survive his first three flights and earned the right to Fly in a specialized ship. 

I have no problems with a character having Force talents, even playing a Sith, as long as the idea is not to be "I'm going to kill everyone because I can". Now that being said, killing a man because he was corrupt, or insolent or incompetent, i have no problem with. If you get mad and let your emotions dictate your actions, I'll reward it.

Effectively, I'm looking for Evil, but not Evil for Evil's sake. I'm looking for the guy that thinks he's the good guy (or a close approximate)

I've been rolling this around in my head for a bit, so I figured I'd get it down on paper.

I've put together three scenerios and I'd like your feedback on which you think is the most viable. I'll try to list the pro/con that I see with each. I've posted them under the forum section, please feel free…nay Encouraged, to comment.

I started a new Forum for Game Type. Please take a read through and comment on what you think. 

As a quick note – This is a darkside game. If one of you feels that your character would strikedown / kill another player character, i'm not going to frown on it. But i also won't frown on the other two player characters turning on the killer. All I ask is that we keep it civil, make it for a reason in game, not just petty revenge cause 'he killed my last character'. That being said, I'm thinking a backup concept might not be a bad idea this time round.

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